The Orchid Society mentoring program is focused on five core pillars to ensure that our Orchid Buds (mentees) are prepared to be future leaders of our community: Academic Success, Confidence, Exposure, Mental Health/Wellness and Social Skills

Our eight month mentoring program consists of nine group activities that target our core five pillars. Each Orchid Bud is paired individually with an Orchid (mentor).  This partnership "blossoms" over a period of 5-6 years until the Orchid Bud graduates from high school. Although they officially complete membership after high school, their relationship builds life long sisterhood with hopes that we can pass the torch to them and they become mentors in their community.  

Much of our programming and activities seek to enhance the community in which we live. Our goal is to create a community that fosters the positive development of youth. We understand that this will require a concerted effort of multiple generations. We are committed to ensuring that this inter-generational work is at the forefront of our efforts.

Orchids are young professional African American women who have a passion for dedicating time to the development of these young ladies.  The Orchid Society remains diligent and committed to nurturing the dynamic development of the city of New Orleans and its world class citizenry. We see the importance in making sure that our mentors are a good fit for the organization and our young ladies. Therefore, we have a private nomination process for membership.  If interested, email